Careys inspires students about careers in construction

In an example of our ongoing commitment to attract, develop and train emerging talent – last week, Careys Civil Engineering and Urban Edge Architecture joined with hosts RTS Construction Group to put on the Educational Open Day at Breckland Retail Park.

  • The Carey Group
  • Tuesday 30th April 2019

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This event provided an excellent opportunity for us to highlight the various elements of a construction project to year 10 and sixth-form pupils from Thetford Grammar and Thetford Academy in Norfolk. The students who attended were also able to learn about the value of virtual reality and computer-generated image technology to the design and build aspects of large-scale projects.

Breckland Retail Park

The Breckland Park project has transformed a former brownfield site, which had sat vacant since 2009, into a five-acre retail park. This new facility will house seven retail units, including stores such as variety retailer B&M, as well as a new customer car park with provision for cycle parking.

A 360o overview of a project life cycle

The Educational Open Day at Breckland Retail Park provided students with exciting insights into the initiation, development and completion of this and similar large-scale construction projects.

In addition to getting the chance to handle the latest, cutting-edge technology, students were also able to take part in two ‘Apprentice’ style activities. These exercises gave them first-hand examples of the realistic role requirements and responsibilities of architects, civil engineers and construction managers. Urban Edge followed up this activity with a briefing that challenged the students to put what they had just learned into practice by designing and planning a small coffee shop.

Next on the agenda, our team invited the students to test their mathematical and practical thinking skills by working on a groundworks package activity for Breckland. We presented the pupils with a bill of quantities for the Breckland Retail Park project and asked them to calculate the required:

  • Volumes of concrete and tarmac, allowing for wastage
  • Areas of membrane
  • Quantities of sheets of mesh 

Tom Wraight, Head of Delivery at Careys was impressed by the way the pupils carried out this exercise. He commented:

The students showed good practical thinking, and they carefully thought through aspects of the procurement process. Their keen interest in making something monumental from a vast open space was infectious. Just like these students, when I was in school I really enjoyed art, wood/metal work, design technology and was a real people’s person. So, maybe a career in construction will end up ticking all the boxes for them too.

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Breckland retail park
Breckland retail park

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