MIND YOUR HEAD at UK Construction Week 2019


Did you know there have been 1,419 reported suicides in the construction industry over the past five years – with 1,409 of those being men?

  • The Carey Group
  • Thursday 10th October 2019

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In an effort to help combat these staggering and devastating statistics, MIND YOUR HEAD – a national campaign designed to promote mental wellbeing for men working in the construction industry – has set a challenge to raise awareness about the crucial issue of mental health within the construction industry this year.

Careys is proud to support MIND YOUR HEAD’s important initiative. We are contributing our time, resources and expertise to the campaign’s Material Support exhibition, which is taking place at UK Construction Week 2019. This event is timed to coincide with today’s World Mental Health day, and aims to reinforce the growing focus on the importance of mental health and well-being across the industry.


MIND YOUR HEAD was specifically created by leading psychotherapist, Dr Gareth Palmer – founder of Men Should Talk— in order to bring mental health issues to the surface. Explaining the primary purpose of the campaign, Dr Palmer stated:

It aims to help men examine themselves, so they can understand their own histories and build strategies for coping with their problems. Without robust mental health and emotional resilience, we are like buildings resting on shaky ground.


In order to shine a light on and emphasise the vital importance of fostering mental health awareness across the construction industry, MIND YOUR HEAD has chosen to launch its Material Support exhibition at one of the UK’s largest construction industry events – the annual, three-day UK Construction Week, which is currently taking place in Birmingham.

We are harnessing our extensive construction industry skills and knowledge to support MIND YOUR HEAD by helping to build the exhibition, with assistance from our specialist teams.

The exhibition uses building materials to represent strong examples of mental health in the construction industry. It combines these pieces of mental art with immersive audio and visual experiences, as well as keynote seminars from influential guest speakers, such as RIBA President Alan Jones. Managing Director of Agency Spring, Paul Iddon, also serves as MIND YOUR HEAD’s creative and marketing partner. Commenting on the construction industry’s robust response to and participation in the exhibition, he said:

Within two short months we have gained the support of 17 leading manufacturers –– all of whom have committed themselves to championing MIND YOUR HEAD at UK Construction Week and beyond. Securing these industry giants is a testament to the strength and importance of MIND YOUR HEAD’s mission.

Martin Arnold, External Marketing Manager at Careys, commented:

We are extremely proud to support such an important initiative, promoting mental wellbeing for men working in the construction industry. More than one construction worker a day takes their own life – three times the UK rate for men – which is a shocking statistic. Designed to champion the importance of mental health in construction, the exhibition will transform traditional building materials and manufacturer products into powerful works of art, raising awareness of the Mind Your Head campaign.

For more information about MIND YOUR HEAD, please click here.

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