Colchester Amateur Boxing Club

Supporting young emerging boxing talent within the local community, Careys Foundation recently extended their sponsorship of Colchester Amateur Boxing Club (CABC) for a fifth year, with an agreement to continue supporting them for a further three years thereafter.

  • The Carey Group
  • Wednesday 8th August 2018

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Colchester Amateur Boxing Club has grown tremendously since first opening their doors in September 2012. The club now has its own brand identity, training venue and weekly timetable, and has welcomed a high level of amateur boxers. To deliver demand for the services offered, the club is now considering increasing training space with the installation of a mezzanine floor.

CABC would like to say thank you to Careys Foundation for their sponsorship, we think it’s fair to say without sponsorships and donations from foundations like you we would struggle to exist. So, thank you for supporting us, not only competitive boxers, but also to guide young people who join the club and become members of the CABC family.

Colchester Amateur Boxing Club

Careys Foundation is honoured to be able to support the Colchester Amateur Boxing Club as it continues to grow and inspire young talent for the future.

To hear such positive feedback from the support we have given the club over the last few years not only means a great deal to us but more so to the people that train and represent the club. Their dedication and commitment are the reason for its continued success.

Siobhan CareyCareys Foundation Manager
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FOU Boxing Club

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