Ecological Awareness Training day at Graven Hill

Setting a phenomenal example this month, Careys Civil Engineering took on sustainability at Graven Hill, Bicester with a new and intuitive approach, through an ecological awareness training day. It was a fantastic opportunity for the site team and local primary school students to learn about the importance of protecting the surrounding environment, and the unique birds near the project.

  • The Carey Group
  • Monday 26th March 2018

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The Graven Hill site is part of a valuable ecological area and home to several different birds, as a result the team have been working to strict environmental requirements. The training session was organised to increase awareness and understanding of why these environmental conditions are in place.

With the help of a falconer, Carey Group Sustainability Advisor Ellen Callard, gave an interactive tool-box talk explaining the conditions and why the environment must be protected and enhanced. The falconer displayed eight birds of prey, showing some of the species which can be spotted near the site including two owls, a peregrine Falcon, red kite, and a star of the Game of Thrones TV show, Betty the Raven. After explaining the differences between the birds, willing volunteers had the chance to wear the falconry glove, hold a piece of food and have a hawk fly towards them.

The ecological training was followed up with a environmental and sustainability information board installed near the canteen containing information relating to current environmental issues, a wildlife map of the site and surrounding area, environmental commitments, carbon information and community projects that the team has engaged with.

The interactive tool-box talk, and sustainability board highlighted the importance of protecting the environment and methods on how this can be achieved.

To find out more about this project take a look here.

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