Inspiring female students about career opportunities in construction

Last week, Katrina, a Careys Civil Engineering quantity surveyor, delivered an opening keynote speech to secondary school students at a biennial careers evening at St Augustine’s Priory, an all-girls school in London.

  • The Carey Group
  • Wednesday 3rd April 2019

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Through sharing her own career journey and passion for the industry, Katrina offered the students attending this event an insight into the incredible opportunities available to them if they choose to follow a career path in construction.

This event – which was themed the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ – highlighted the scope and variety of career options which students could pursue once they had completed their education. It enlightened students about a wide variety of different career paths, and gave them opportunities to ask questions and find out more about the particular professional areas that most interested them.

Painting a picture of a profession in the building field

St Augustine Priory’s alumni and wider organisation representatives hosted various stands where students and parents could visit to learn more about various career possibilities. Representing Careys, Katrina, in tandem with Kimberly from Paul Murphy Architects, welcomed students to the architecture and construction stand.

Throughout the course of the event, Katrina spoke with students and supplied them with engaging Careys’ career brochures to help explain and go into detail about the different career paths available to them within construction. She was able to paint a clearer picture for them of what they could expect and hope to accomplish in this profession, by showing them examples of our projects. Katrina commented,

It was great discussing my profession as a quantity surveyor at Careys, and how I got into my current role after finishing my education. I actually first heard about quantity surveying at a similar careers evening at St Augustine’s Priory.

Widening horizons for women in the construction sector

Even today, women make up only around 14% of the workforce in the construction industry. Yet, things are changing in this regard, as more and more attractive job opportunities continue to open up for females in this sector. The event at St Augustine provided an excellent platform to showcase the diverse career choices available to women in the field.

Katrina brought this point home even further by playing a bespoke ‘Women in construction’ video, illustrating the phenomenal career paths that many women are following at Careys.

Visit the careers section of our website to explore some of the available opportunities at Careys.

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