Improving the safety and effectiveness of our operations

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in how we live our day-to-day lives, including how we run and manage projects – from apps on our phones to control the television or central heating, to sending highly complex machinery into orbit.

  • The Carey Group
  • Tuesday 30th October 2018

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The construction world is also embracing the technical revolution, and one such innovation that is becoming more frequently used across construction sites is the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

As part of our constant search for innovative technologies that can improve the safety and effectiveness of our operations, Careys Plant & Fleet has recently invested in new 3D Leica Geosystem GPS equipment, which we’ve installed in our 20 tonne excavators and bulldozers.

“The 3D Geosystem allows us to work with high precision GPS where we are able to monitor the excavation position by means of a digital model” says Gary Condon, Managing Director of Careys Plant & Fleet. “We have a laptop with the site drawing uploaded. We then use a drone to survey the site area, capturing all the current datum points. Once we have these reference points we plot the machines activity requirements which are sent to a monitor in the cab detailing the exact excavation position”.

Gary adds, “It brings the design surfaces and alignments to the driver operating the equipment inside the cab. We are no longer dependent on string lines, stakes or hubs, allowing our drivers to operate the equipment independently and accurately anywhere on the project. We estimate the efficiency rate achieved is improved by up to 30%, whilst the technology also offers the benefit of geofencing site services following a site scan to help reduce service strikes”. Used on our sites at Gravenhill, Reading, Aldershot and Aberdeen, the 3D Leica Geosystem is suitable for projects requiring staking out, for example large road and infrastructure projects and subdivisions, industrial sites or dereliction works.

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