Meet Chris - All about his career as a Geotechnical Engineer and the Future of Design in Construction

One of the things we are most well-known for is our use of innovation to improve delivery our capabilities. The digital engineering experts of Careys Design Team sit at the forefront of our innovative approach to designing projects. This week we spoke with a member of Careys Design Team – Geotechnical Engineer, Chris Chappell – about his role, his favourite project and the future of design in construction.

  • The Carey Group
  • Friday 22nd February 2019

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My role and responsibilities

I joined Careys in April 2018, and my role includes:

  • Foundation design and production of specifications
  • Review and optimisation of basement construction sequencing for tender submissions and during construction phase
  • Ground investigation review and scoping
  • Temporary works design, including shoring, slope stability and pile mat design

How I knew I wanted to pursue a career in construction

While I was doing my A-levels, I was inspired by prestige projects like the Millau bridge in France and Maeslantkering storm surge barrier in Rotterdam.

What I enjoy most about my role

Careys delivers a range of exciting projects it’s great to work for a firm which wants to adopt technological innovations such as virtual reality (VR) and other visualisation software. I really enjoy problem solving too – it’s great establishing details that contribute to a solution.

My favourite project to date

The old American embassy at 30 Grosvenor Square. It’s a phenomenally large project which will showcase the specialist capabilities of Careys.

The future of design in construction

I foresee the future of design involving on-site automation to create new design specifications and overcome construction challenges. Augmented reality modelling will see an increase in adoption. And, modular construction will see super-brands like Amazon and big technological companies enter the market.

Overcoming challenges

Communication of design briefs can sometimes be tricky, so, I make sure to pick up the phone and discuss them with the site team, or I visit the site to see the challenge first-hand. A picture paints a thousand words, and getting out to see the issue helps me to know what I’m dealing with.

My advice to anyone looking to start a similar career

Try to take on work experience early, while you’re still in the education system, because it really helps to crystallise topics learnt in class. Specifically, for a budding Geotechnical Engineer, I’d recommend that, early on in your career, you complete ground investigations and soil testing tasks. It’s essential that you understand the soils and rock you will be dealing with before you start the design process.

The culture at Careys

Careys is a very positive and forward-thinking company. There is a buzz, because everyone is motivated by the wider Group strategy.

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