New excavator enhances Careys’ ability to work on space-limited sites

Careys Plant & Fleet recently added our first short reach front excavator – the Hitachi Zaxis 135 – to our expanding portfolio of plant equipment.

  • The Carey Group
  • Monday 22nd July 2019

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The 13-tonne Hitachi Zaxis short reach front excavator is ideal for use in instances where space is limited and height is restricted, such as tunnelling projects, underground excavation and demolition work. It can be used with larger attachments than the standard model, and has greater bucket digging force than the larger 20-tonne class machines. Additionally, this short reach front excavator comes equipped with innovative technology, giving it the ability to operate reliably and efficiently with the lowest possible ownership costs.

Exceptional performance

When space is limited, the Hitachi Zaxis 135 is able to perform with a high level of productivity and safety. Considerably more compact than a conventional excavator, it nevertheless provides a superior digging performance, due to its capability of using attachments suitable for much larger models. Some of the special design features of this short reach front excavator, which contribute to its superior performance, even in the tightest of areas, include its:

  • Highly manoeuvrable boom and arm – the shorter length of the boom and arm allows the excavator to operate efficiently in small spaces, while the wider opening angle of the boom and arm enables it to be raised higher in workspaces with low height clearances. All of this gives the excavator an expanded working range.
  • Enhanced hydraulic circuit – enables the short reach front excavator to be used with larger attachments and buckets than the standard model, which results in a superior digging performance
  • Heavier counterweight –increases the excavator’s lifting capacity when it is used with larger attachments, which enhances its the ability to provide safe and stable transport capabilities on site
  • Blue light to delineate the exclusion zone – clearly marks the areas that are safe around the machine, with an easy-to-see boundary of blue illumination

Outstanding durability:

The Hitachi Zaxis short reach front excavator is also optimal for carrying out challenging projects – such as tunnelling, demolition and underground excavation. This is because of its reliable and durable design, as well as characteristics, such as:

  • Robust components – a strengthened bucket cylinder guard offers greater protection against potential damage
  • Added protection - the short reach front excavator has reinforced undercovers, and the side piping has been improved and straightened along the short boom
  • Enhanced safety features - the cab complies with industry requirements for demolition machines, this includes the OPG level II front and head guard, as well as the strengthened glass in the front window

Of the new acquisition, Gary Condon, Managing Director of Careys Plant & Fleet, remarked:

We are always looking to invest in new equipment that delivers ease of use, efficiency, exceptional performance and safety – and the Hitachi Zaxis 135 short reach front excavator delivers on all these fronts. The first deployment of one of these excavators on a Careys site will be at Marble Arch Place. Once it’s in action, the site team will be able to experience first-hand the immense benefits that the short reach excavator offers in tight spaces, especially when height and space are restricted.

It’s also a joy for operators to drive this highly manoeuvrable excavator. According to Ashley Weaver, Construction Director for Careys Civil Engineering, the operative assigned to drive the Hitachi Zaxis 135 has had a wide, un-budging smile on his face since he first climbed into the cab of the state-of-the-art excavator.

We didn’t just invest in the best kit for the job, our plant department took it one step further and brought in the best short reach front load excavator available on the market.

Ashley Weaver

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