New Hydradig excavators add to our strong self-delivery capabilities

The Carey Group is committed to a robust self-delivery model, which enables us to provide our clients with full-service specialist solutions. In order to realise our intention to offer as many specialist construction services as possible to sector-leading standards, we are continually investing in the latest equipment, technologies and training. Our constant efforts enable us to expand the skills of our people, upgrade our capabilities and provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective resolutions to the ever-more complex challenges they face.

  • The Carey Group
  • Tuesday 19th February 2019

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As part of our self-delivery approach, Careys Plant & Fleet has recently invested in and taken delivery of two JCB 10 tonne Hydradig Excavators. We expect these additions to help us deliver an even greater level and range of services, due to their unique features and the flexibility they bring.

Of these new acquisitions, Gary Condon, Managing Director of Careys Plant & Fleet, commented:

In today’s construction environment, where on-site space is at a premium, compact dimensions and enhanced visibility have become increasingly important. The Hydradig provides all-round visibility, with the ability to see all four wheels plus a 1m perimeter around the machine at ground level. This makes for easier and safer operating in tight, crowded worksites, which was a key consideration in our decision to purchase this model – as it aligns with our ethos of putting health and safety at the heart of our operations.

The Hydradig’s impressive qualities

The JCB Hydradig is the first excavator to locate the engine, tanks and ancillaries in the chassis. This innovation has greatly improved functionality in the following areas:

  • Visibility – The Hydradig offers all-round visibility from the operator’s seat, with the ability to view every direction and see all four wheels and ground level at a 1m perimeter.
  • Stability – The shifting of the weight of the engine and tanks to the chassis – along with its minimal 120mm tail overhang – has lowered the Hydradig’s centre of gravity and increased stability, especially when working off tyres over the side.
  • Manoeuvrability – The Hydradig’s 4-wheel and crab steering enables it to operate with ease, even in the most confined sites. In addition, the “reverse steer” feature ensures that, no matter which way the machine is facing, the steering orientation remains correct.
  • Serviceability – The new configuration of the engine and tanks has rendered all service points on the Hydradig easily accessible from the ground. Additionally, 500-hour greasing on all dig end, dozer and stabiliser pivot points means that the machine greasing intervals are matched to overall service intervals, saving time and money.
  • Mobility – The Hydradig boasts a top speed of 40kph, combined with a stepless transmission, which allows it to travel on its own quickly between sites, reducing additional transport costs.

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