Official launch of The Octagon, Glasgow

Last month we launched our sleek and stylish new regional office – The Octagon – in Glasgow, Scotland.

  • The Carey Group
  • Tuesday 11th December 2018

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The Octagon boasts a central and convenient city location, the latest modern facilities and a spacious layout. It replaces our previous office in Livingston, which we had started to outgrow due to the exponential growth of the Group. The Octagon, with its unusual angles and innovative design, offers an inspiring and quirky working environment – one with enough room to comfortably house our current team and support further expansion.

Drawing inspiration from modern, cutting-edge co-working spaces, the Octagon has been expressly designed to act as a productive haven for our employees, a place that encourages creativity and collaboration within different roles and between departments. This expansive new office space holds 72 fixed desks and features a range of stunning facilities, such as a multi-use auditorium, collaborative meeting spaces and discreet breakout areas.

The Octagon is the result of more than a year of intricate planning and preparation. Our business management team worked tirelessly to ensure that this brand new work space would still maintain the consistency of our company culture. To help do this, they integrated several elements from our recently opened Kings Cross office, One Hand Axe Yard, in central London.

The Octagon embodies key aspects of the Carey Way, such as our uncompromising commitment to excellence, detailed planning, highly innovative approach, collaborative culture and expansive vision of the future.

The Octagon, Glasgow
The Octagon, Glasgow

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