Successful 3,997.5m3 Concrete Pour at One Nine Elms

Last month, at One Nine Elms in Vauxhall, London, Careys successfully completed our second substantial continuous concrete pour on this project.

  • The Carey Group
  • Thursday 5th December 2019

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This pour – which totalled 3,997.5m3 and took place over 26.5 consecutive hours – followed our first massive pour, which we carried out in March of this year.

We employed four concrete pumps on the pour – two supplied by our in-house Plant & Fleet division, and two from our supply partner Camfaud. Plus, we also coordinated the movements and production of 533 concrete trucks, throughout the day. The resulting concrete slab measured 3.5m in thickness, with 5.2m of thickening under the main core.

Redefining Vauxhall

The One Nine Elms development – which consists of the 43-storey River Tower and 56-storey City Tower – will provide over 730,000ft2 of residential space, 267,000ft2 of hotel accommodations and 1,000ft2 of retail outlets.

We have been appointed by principal contractor, Multiplex, to construct the massive three-level basements of both buildings.

Once completed, the soaring City Tower will become one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in Europe. The project’s two skyscrapers will transform the skyline and will offer residents and visitors stunning views of the capital.

Attention to detail

We systematically calculated and planned the logistics and delivery of the pour for four months. This enabled us to carry it out with optimal efficiency and to the highest standards. In addition, to prepare for this pour, we installed 1,026 tonnes of reinforcement over two months – a process we commenced in September and completed in November, when it was signed off as quality assured.

When the day of the pour arrived, we faced an additional challenge when one of the site’s main access roads was shut down due to the presence of a suspicious package under a car in front of the American Embassy. However, we managed to successfully divert all the concrete trucks and ensure that the pour was not affected.

For more information on Careys scope of works at One Nine Elms, please click here.

Careys Civil Engineering One Nine Elms Concrete Pour
Careys Civil Engineering One Nine Elms Concrete Pour

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