Utilising BIM at Marble Arch Place


At Careys we continuously strive to deliver all things excellently. As such, we are always looking for ways to improve our methods of delivery through innovative new technologies and techniques that can help make us better every day at what we do.

  • The Carey Group
  • Thursday 10th January 2019

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For example, on the Marble Arch Place project – a large mixed-use development located on a busy central London junction between Edgware Road and Marble Arch – Careys Design Team has provided Careys Civil Engineering with cutting-edge technological support. Specifically, Careys Design Team has applied specialist 3D point cloud scanning technology, measuring work delivered in accordance with 3D designs, in order to help Careys Civil Engineering construct two seven- and 18-storey superstructures and carry out a top-down basement excavation.

Precise management of logistics has been critical for the Marble Arch Place project, which entails the excavation of 90,000m3 of earth and the pouring of 30,000m3 of concrete – all within one of the busiest areas of London. Reflecting our ongoing commitment to finding new ways to improve how we deliver projects, Careys Design Team has established a reliable and highly accurate method of checking the work delivered by Careys Civil Engineering on this project.

This innovative process involves using a Leica P40 3D scanner to cross reference results against 3D models of the project – enabling error mitigation and early detection of potential risks. Because of its ability to scan approximately 1 million points per second, the Leica P40 scanner delivers exemplary attention to detail and extremely high levels of accuracy.

The video below shows the Careys Design Team completing a full 360-degree scan of the works delivered by Careys Civil Engineering on this project. Amazingly, this scan rapidly records approximately 200 million points within three minutes. Once processed, this valuable data is then transferred to the point cloud registration software, which combines scan locations and converts files to be used with Careys Designs Teams’ analysis tool, allowing us to compare the data against 3D models of the project.

This innovative and thorough process emphasises our commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and highlights how the Careys Design Team can contribute to that goal by applying digital technology to closely check work delivered by Careys Civil Engineering.

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