Viking Link, the world’s longest electricity interconnector

Careys has been awarded an exciting package of works at a new renewable energy project in Lincolnshire called Viking Link.

  • Careys
  • Thursday 8th July 2021

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Viking Link is a partnership between the UK's National Grid and Denmark's Energienet which will establish an interconnector spanning 765km from Jutland, Denmark, to Bicker Fen in Boston, Lincolnshire, enabling energy to be exchanged between the two countries. Energy that is surplus to requirements will be easily transmitted through the interconnector to where the level of demand is higher. This will support the renewable energy markets in both countries, reduce the need to curtail generation during peaks in production and have a beneficial impact on market prices.

The project resembles a significant step in the UK journey to net zero carbon with Viking Link helping the UK government meet its carbon reduction commitments by providing access to a well-developed, low-cost renewable energy market.

The Lincolnshire element of the project will be equivalent to the size of 12 football pitches which will enable the importing and exporting of energy via the 765km subsea and underground cable (the longest in the world when constructed). Careys will be working on the convertor station, an integral part of the overall scheme, with our scope of works including the construction of general sitewide works, drainage, foundation slabs and superstructure works.

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