World Suicide Prevention Day

Tomorrow is World Suicide Prevention Day, led by the International Association for Suicide Prevention and provides the opportunity for people, across the globe, to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention.

  • Careys Foundation
  • Friday 9th September 2022

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An estimated 703,000 people a year take their life around the world. For every suicide, there are likely 20 other people making a suicide attempt and many more have serious thoughts of suicide.

In 2020 there were 5,224 deaths registered in England and Wales where the cause was recorded as suicide. And specifically, within the construction sector, there is an alarming trend that those in construction roles are three times more likely to take their own lives than those in other sectors.

In January this year, The Carey Group, in association with Careys Foundation, entered a partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity (the Lighthouse Club).

The Lighthouse Club has been delivering charitable support to the construction community since 1956, and is the only charity that provides emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing support to construction workers and their families.

As our key charity partner for 2022, Careys Foundation are committed to raising awareness and funds for the Lighthouse Club, supporting numerous events and initiatives. To date, this has included:

  • Lighthouse Club branded vehicles - We launched our partnership with a branded truck promoting the Lighthouse Club and their support helpline – 0345 605 1956 (ROI 1800 939 122). To further raise awareness and funds, we have branded two additional Careys Plant & Fleet support vehicles. These are highly visible on UK roads spreading the message and promoting the Lighthouse Club, the great work they do and the services and support they offer to the people in our industry.
  • Promoting the ‘Help Inside the Hard Hat’ initiative with a tour across our project sites - A campaign to raise awareness of poor mental health within our industry. In the UK, two construction workers take their own lives every working day and stress, anxiety and depression account for a fifth of all work-related illnesses. A huge focus of the campaign and tour was awareness of the pro-active support and resources for our construction community including the 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline, free app and mental health training.
  • Careys Foundation Cycle Challenge - This hugely popular event saw two static spin bikes set up at six locations across the UK - Glasgow, Sellafield, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Wembley and Oxford Street – where Careys employees, were challenged to cycle the distance of Glasgow to London not once, but six times during a 24-hour period! The event raised over £10,000 to support the Lighthouse Club as well as our five regional charities.

We are delighted to be partnering with the Carey Group to ensure that their employees, supply chain and customers know all about our services. From providing us with significant financial support and publicising our helpline numbers on their vehicles, they are helping us introduce even more proactive services as well as raising awareness.

They have also hosted our Help Inside the Hard Hat on site at various locations across the country which ensures that we are reaching our 'boots on the ground' workforce and letting them know about all the support available to them. Thank you to the Carey Group and their teams for all their support.

Bill Hill, Lighthouse Club CEO

Those working in the industry, as well as their families, can contact the Construction Industry Helpline and will be able to call the 24/7 Helpline on UK 0345 605 1956 or ROI 1800 939 122 to access:

  • Emergency financial aid in times of crisis following an illness, accident, injury or bereavement.
  • Advice on wellbeing issues as an employee or an employer
  • Support and advice for sufferers of stress and addiction-related illnesses
  • Advice on matters ranging from divorce to employment
  • Advice on specific tax-related issues concerning employment within the construction sector
  • Help to manage and reschedule debt
  • Help to understand the benefits system and your entitlement, especially if you are caring for others
  • Support on career changes, especially after accident or injury preventing you from returning to your original job

The Carey Group are proud to continue to support the Lighthouse Club and the crucial support and services they provide.

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