World Suicide Prevention Day

“Creating Hope Through Action” is the triennial theme for the World Suicide Prevention Day from 2021-2023.

  • The Carey Group
  • Friday 8th September 2023

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This theme serves as a powerful call to action and reminder that there is an alternative to suicide and that through our actions we can encourage hope and strengthen prevention.

By creating hope through action, we can signal to people experiencing suicidal thoughts that there is hope and that we care and want to support them. It also suggests that our actions, no matter how big or small, may provide hope to those who are struggling.

The construction industry is known for its demanding nature, high-pressure environments, and physically demanding tasks. These factors, along with the inherent job uncertainties, can contribute to increased stress levels and mental health challenges among workers. Addressing mental health and suicide prevention is crucial to ensuring the well-being of those who build our world, places of work and communities in which we live.

The Construction Industry's Mental Health Challenge

Every working day, two construction workers take their own life in the UK & Ireland.

High-Risk Profession: The construction industry has a higher risk of suicide compared to many other sectors, with workers facing unique stressors such as job insecurity, long working hours, and physical demands.

Stigma and Silence: Stigma surrounding mental health issues often prevents construction workers from seeking help. A "tough" culture can discourage open discussions about mental health.

Isolation: Many construction jobs involve working in isolation, which can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and hopelessness.

  • Every working day, two construction workers take their own life in the UK & Ireland
  • Poor mental health including stress, depression and anxiety can be the main factors
  • Suicide is preventable NOT inevitable

How YOU can make a difference

Spread Awareness: Share information about World Suicide Prevention Day in the construction industry. Use social media, newsletters, and onsite materials to get the message across.

Training and Workshops: Organise training sessions and workshops to educate workers and supervisors about mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Create Safe Spaces: Establish designated areas where workers can take breaks, unwind, and have open conversations without fear of judgment.

Supportive Policies: Advocate for workplace policies that prioritise mental health, such as flexible working hours and access to counselling services.

Our charity partner, The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity (the Lighthouse Club), provides support to the construction workforce when they need it most. Those working in the industry, as well as their families, can contact the Construction Industry Helpline and call the 24/7 Helpline on UK 0345 605 1956 or ROI 1800 939 122 to access:

  • Emergency financial aid in times of crisis following an illness, accident, injury or bereavement.
  • Advice on wellbeing issues as an employee or an employer
  • Support and advice for sufferers of stress and addiction-related illnesses
  • Advice on matters ranging from divorce to employment
  • Advice on specific tax-related issues concerning employment within the construction sector
  • Help to manage and reschedule debt
  • Help to understand the benefits system and your entitlement, especially if you are caring for others
  • Support on career changes, especially after accident or injury preventing you from returning to your original job

Further information on the support provided by the Lighthouse Club can be found in this short video:

Let's Build a Stronger Future Together

​This World Suicide Prevention Day, let's stand united across the UK construction industry to prioritise mental health and well-being. By fostering awareness, providing support, and encouraging open conversations, we can create a safer and more supportive environment for all workers.

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