Zero-hydrocarbon Tools

At Careys we’re continually looking for new ways to improve upon the already high quality of our work – part of our commitment to being #BetterEveryDay.

  • The Carey Group
  • Monday 25th February 2019

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Our new Group-wide campaign to use environmentally friendly and effective tools on-site, rather than less sustainable ones powered by petrol, reflects this determination to deliver the highest standards in all that we do.

Our HSEQ team and Plant & Fleet division have teamed together to launch this initiative, which marks another of our many attempts to do our part to combat the rise and risks of pollution across the globe.

Leading the way with zero-hydrocarbon tools

Petrol-free tools are still relatively new within the construction industry. So, in order to start our efforts moving in the right direction, our in-house Engineering and Innovation Forum conducted extensive research and recommended the most viable alternative tools available. We have been trialling these across a number of sites over the past year.

As a result of this successful testing process, our Plant & Fleet team has invested in and introduced a new catalogue that includes exclusively petrol-free tools, which our site teams can order and implement.

Careys’ projects employing petrol-free tools

Currently, 11 of our project sites operate with no petrol, including projects such as Marble Arch Place and Curzon Street. Last year, Marble Arch Place became one of the first sites where we replaced petrol tools with high-quality, sustainable alternatives. The project manager at Marble Arch commented:

At first, understandably, the team was sceptical about using non-petrol tools – especially for the more heavy-duty work. However, after testing and trialling a range of tools on-site for over a year now, there has been no negative feedback from the team at all. The Plant & Fleet team offers a petrol-free alternative for every petrol tool we’ve used, and I’m pleased to say that, as a result, there is absolutely no petrol stored or used on our site any longer. This has enormous benefits – both in terms of improving our environmental impact and also reducing the risks our team is exposed to at work.

Our Curzon Street project manager, agreed that making the switch to zero-petrol tools on-site has been seamless. He stated:

There was an idea on site that in order to cut concrete we needed to use petrol saws, but, with the right blade on a grinder or using a battery powered saw with a hoover attached, we’ve found it works just as effectively and the removal of petrol from site has been something that’s gone almost unnoticed it’s been so simple.

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