Operational excellence

Elevating our standards so that from our first point of contact with our partners through to project completion and beyond, we are known and respected throughout our industry for delivering operational excellence.

Within operational excellence there are five areas on which we’ll specifically focus our efforts:

Our health and safety reputation is something we are incredibly proud of. We are not going to sit back and get complacent.

In five years’ time we want our All Incident rate to decrease by 27%, utility strikes and manual handing incidents by 56% and our all cuts rate by 50%. Just one incident is one too many and our priority will always remain the health and safety of our people.

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Great work has been done in this area over the years resulting in us delivering amazing projects for our clients.

We want to build on this and ensure that the Work Winning team receives all the support it needs to function as a high-performing team – one that has the time and resources to submit great bids and presentations to our clients and is responsive and focused.

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We will be known in our industry for delivering projects ahead of programme.

We want to monitor, track and achieve improvements in projects completing on time, in accordance with the latest, agreed programme. This includes everything from our programme completion to outputs and production rates.

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We want to drive and enhance delivery efficiencies, reduce our operational costs and be more effective in change control and reducing wastage through our project teams.

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We want to make our processes more effective so that from inductions through to lessons learnt we have consistent and slick digital processes that allow us to focus on delivering the task at hand.

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