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Heathrow Airport Airbridges and Baggage Recovery Facility

Careys undertook testing on existing concrete foundations at Heathrow Airport to check their suitability to support new, larger airbridges that would service A380 aircraft. The foundations were located on live aircraft stands, two of which had airbridges operating on them. Following these tests, our contract was extended to include the breakout and rebuilding of nine rotunda bases located on different stands through a phased programme, enabling the construction of new airbridges.


Heathrow Airport Ltd



Principal Contractor


Each base was individually inspected, tested and assessed, resulting in unique remediation to each. These works required us to break out and replace each base, before incorporating new bolt assemblies or replacing faulty bolts and lengthening thread on usable bolts to enable the new airbridge rotunda to be fitted.

The structural importance of our works meant that precision was essential and the close proximity to live stands meant that works needed to be controlled and well maintained within the confined working areas.

Fast track delivery of the project achieves successful completion

In addition to these works, our team constructed foundations for a new covered baggage stand located alongside Terminal 5. Works included removal and realignment of existing road markings, installation of column protection, signage and traffic bollards. Alongside this, we installed ultraslot drainage to service the new facility.

Additionally, we coordinated all pavement quality concrete works with our steel frame contractor, Unitec, as well as our installation of concrete ground slabs and movement joints which we installed prior to erection of the steel frame.

Thanks to our existing civil aviation capabilities, our team were able to successfully fast track delivery of the project at the request of the client, working with both them and their designer to achieve successful completion.

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