Battersea Power Station

Following previous work on site - the construction of the four-storey basement box destined to house the development’s main energy centre – we were appointed to deliver two almost concurrent public realm packages of work.


Battersea Power Station Company Ltd


Battersea, London

Principal Contractor

Sir Robert McAlpine

Battersea Phase 3A consists of two residential development zones and a hotel located either side of a retail pedestrian street, known as Electric Boulevard, plus the area around the Flower Garden, Prospect Place and Prospect Park; and the adjacent Phase 3C Prospect Park South, incorporating the public realm for the brand-new Northern Line underground station that opened in September 2021, one of only two new London tube stations to open this century.

We have subsequently been contracted to deliver concrete topping to several metal decks within the adjacent Phase 3B to the west.

Phase 3A:

Our works package consists of the complete hard landscaping scope (finishes, build-up) at grade for the O-1 and RS4 buildings. It mainly involves installing granite paving, kerbs and setts, incorporating: drainage layer, void former, concrete base, laying course, drainage, bedding layer, Permavoid, separation sheet, finishes (porous rubber, granite setts, granite paving, tactile paving, York stone (Flower Garden), staircase treads, concrete paving and kerbing (Western Service Road), planters, precast planters and FFE, waterproofing to planters, public realm and feature lighting, and installing play park equipment, including rubber surfacing.

Our remit has included temporary design and completing the permanent design works, attending design coordination meetings as required and providing a detailed schedule of information release, and drawings, including for the coordination and installation of M&E, drainage, potable water, and waterproofing, for the inspection and approval of the construction manager.

Phase 3C

This package includes: all break out and removal of an existing topping slab, cut and fill to make up levels for hard landscaping finishes, surface water drainage, foul water drainage, an attenuation tank including hydro brake manholes, foundations for benches and steps outside the station, the installation of a concrete topping slab to receive hard landscaping finishes, access hatches and other covers, paving, kerbing and edges (including granite), granite steps, illuminated bespoke planters with benches, stainless steel edgings to lawns, powder coated upstands interface to lawns, steel and timber benches, bleacher seating with illuminated lighting, timber decking, illuminated stainless steel handrails, bollards and wayfinding signage.

Our remit has included completing the design/detailing for: the precast stairs outside the station, the paving works (e.g. cutting schedules), and the handrail and balustrade to a staircase leading to a bike hub.

We have also had a full Contractors Design Portion for the following: waterproofing finishes to concrete slabs, penetrations, upstands, covers, gullies and structural movement joints, including testing, hoarding, finishes retention, lighting columns and foundation/connection design, handrail to pre-cast stair design, decking and bleacher timber, HVM bollards design, planter and benches design, movement joint detailing, attenuation tank, signage foundation, foundations to streetlighting, benches, ramps, bollards, and bleacher seating.

Phase 3B

This package includes: all in situ concrete floor slabs to the commercial office structure for levels 02-14 (excluding level 04 concrete slabs and associated works). This incorporates the pavilion structure skylight upstands, along with the installation of fair faced precast stairs and an associated capping slab to Core F.

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