The Carey Way is our Group's approach to everything that we do and something that we are exceptionally proud of. As a founding member of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, we have always prided ourselves on leading the way in doing the right work, in the right way, with the right team. 

The Carey Way

We believe in attracting skilled experts and providing them with the right environment to deliver results for our clients. We reinvest our profits to train our people and provide them with the best tools and equipment for them to achieve our exacting standards of quality.

Careys Plant & Fleet

The Carey Group owns, maintains and operates a large specialist plant and transport fleet which plays a vital supporting role to all of the Carey Group companies.

Careys Plant & Fleet maintains over 2,000 items of specialist equipment and machinery and is responsible for the acquisition, deployment and maintenance of key items of plant for our projects. Careys Plant & Fleet is integral to our ability to overcome complex site challenges and to meet time-sensitive programmes where our tower cranes, vertical excavators and vacuum excavators play a crucial role in delivering excellence for our clients.

All plant is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safe and effective operation during projects and is certified to the highest levels of both FORS and CLOCS. Careys Plant & Fleet is based at our headquarters in Wembley and provides equipment across the UK and Ireland, promoting rapid mobilisation and continuity of delivery for our clients.

Pre-Construction Planning

The benefits of working with us start with pre-commencement advice and planning where we provide a full advisory service on project costs and programme, including feasibility, methodology and logistics planning. 

Building our understanding of the issues around a project is essential to our successful management of all risks for clients. Our planning draws upon all the key resources required to create the most suitable methodology for a project. 

Our extensive industry experience enables us to provide outline feasibility on the methods and costings of major temporary works and façade retention schemes. 

Our advice is heavily supported by our in-house design capability, which enables the development of 3D and 4D models to provide our clients with intelligent design and enable close collaboration between key project stakeholders. 

During this process, we continuously identify key costs and risks to a project, informing and adding value to the on-going creation of our methodology through the consideration of different approaches used to optimise the delivery of the project. 

Our planning provides clients with greater programme certainty, reduced risk and the reassurance that their project uses the latest and most effective industry techniques.

Self Delivery Model

We have established an approach to project delivery which places the skills and abilities of our operatives at the heart of our projects. By directly investing in our own people and equipment we provide the highest levels of customer service for our clients. This creates considerable value across all our projects, especially in sensitive and live environments, which require an extensive range of services and solutions for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity. 

As a fully-integrated Carey Group company, Scudder Demolition utilises the specialist capabilities and resources of our Group. 

ION Environmental is our Group's full-service licenced asbestos surveying, abatement and removal contractor. Specialist and highly trained staff place safety and quality at the core of their approach, providing the right solution for each project. All of our asbestos related requirements are carried out by ION, providing our clients with fully compliant protection against all asbestos related risks as well as reassurance that works will be undertaken professionally, inline with best practice and our exacting standards. 

Seneca Resource Recovery is our Group’s specialist in the delivery of environmental solutions and operate one of the UK’s largest material recovery facilities (MRF). They guarantee 100% landfill diversion of waste sent to their site. Seneca support our waste management targets and utilise their MRF where material cannot be segregated and reprocessed on-site. 

In addition to this, we also utilise the expertise and equipment of our in-house Plant & Fleet, who maintain over 2,000 items of specialist equipment and machinery for the Group. Their accreditations ensure that we meet and exceed the expected industry standards and that we utilise and share best practice on the acquisition, deployment and maintenance of key items of plant for our projects.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety forms the core of our operational approach. The company is certified to ISO 18001:2007, ensuring complete management of Health and Safety across all our sites. We are also a proud founding member of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and National Demolition Training Group, ensuring we follow best practice and comply with all relevant industry regulations. 

We also provide specialist training and investment across the business to ensure all works are delivered safely by our operatives. Our systems are rigorously audited to ensure effectiveness and compliance with relevant legislation, and alongside our highly-trained ‘Black Hat’ supervisors, we deploy extensive measures on-site to ensure the safety of all operatives and site personnel. 

In order to eliminate operatives from direct exposure to demolition risks wherever possible we actively seek to deploy mechanised and remote demolition techniques.


We approach sustainability with a focus on the reduction of energy, water and resource waste. 

These efforts begin long before we start work on site and includes our choice of partners, how we design and execute our methodologies, our procurement of sustainable materials and deploying these to minimise carbon emissions during the entire lifecycle of a project. 

Sustainability doesn’t stop on our sites either – our support teams have reduced waste year-on-year and through the dedicated support of our Environmental Management Team we continue to find smarter and more innovative ways to improve the way we work. 

In 2014 we began a programme of sustainability improvement, focusing on the accurate measurement of key metrics across the business along with key campaigns to drive sustainability across all our projects. 

The Carey Group now holds Forestry Stewardship Council and Programme for the Enforcement of Forest Chain of Custody Certifications, ensuring that 100% of our timber is sustainably sourced. Our Waste Management Facility at Seneca delivers 100% diversion of construction waste from landfill. Sites regularly achieve 40/50 or better on Considerate Constructor audits and the business is an active participant in contractor-led industry groups on responsible sourcing and use of materials. 

Our collaborative approach to project planning also ensures that site teams save time and resources during delivery of a project. This forward-thinking approach reassures clients that no stone is left unturned in our pursuit of being more sustainable.

Quality and Business Improvement

For us, quality begins at pre-commencement through the planning of methodologies and designs for our clients. Our expected standards of quality are communicated and demonstrated by all of us, particularly our project and site managers who build a collective understanding of what we want to achieve and deliver for our clients. 

Having our Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 is important to us, but we know that quality is much more than this. We understand that empowering our people to measure and improve the quality of our work is integral to what we do. 

Our teams undergo regular quality checks and reviews and are supported by our central quality department to troubleshoot issues on site and ensure delivery of the highest standards of work. Our culture is a culture of quality, where we learn from our mistakes and become better every day. 

We insist upon the highest standards and continually evolve our processes and working methods to ensure we exceed client expectations in all that we do. This gives our clients confidence in the results of our work, that the quality of our approach and mindset will ensure the exceptional standards we have always delivered.

Operational Standards

The Carey Way defines the standards that the Carey Group founders laid down when the Group was established and gives our teams a clear benchmark to visit and re-visit every time they set up a site, walk a site, or carry out a task. 

This benchmark is visualised through the Carey Way Standards – an interactive website accessible by all site operatives on phones, tablets and computers. The site contains a wealth of information and provides written and visual guidance on best practice in everything from project management to site set-up across the numerous disciplines of demolition, deconstruction and civils enabling works which we undertake. 

Our clients see the value in the Carey Way as a consistency of quality and an approach which ensures the best results on our projects every time we work with them.

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