Resource recovery

Managing a wide range of waste streams produced from projects across the UK

Seneca is an integral part of the Carey Group’s operations, a dedicated in-house resource to manage the wide range of waste streams produced at civil engineering, construction, and demolition projects throughout the UK.

Waste services

We work closely with the project teams to promote and support sustainable operations – the recycling, recovery, re-use of waste materials to avoid landfill, environmental compliance, and careful planning of collections to minimise vehicle movements. Our own vehicles deliver services in and around the London area, outside of which we have a highly

developed supply chain of carefully selected contractors, all of which have a proven track record of delivering exceptional standards of service and environmental performance.

We also offer waste services to external clients in the London area, providing highly efficient collection and recycling services to a variety of business sectors.

Public sector waste treatment

Over the last decade, we have become firmly established as one of the UK’s leading suppliers to Energy from Waste (EfW) plants across the UK and mainland Europe.

Our extensive market knowledge and proven supply chain enables us to successfully develop waste treatment solutions for local authority residual waste.

Our fully integrated service combines reliability, compliance, and cost-effectiveness to provide treatment packages that deliver exceptional standards of environmental and operational performance.

To date, our services have diverted over 650,000 tonnes of household waste from landfill and into energy recovery facilities.

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