After the success of the enabling works for the temporary FCC, Careys Civil Engineering was awarded the contract for the demolition of the existing FCC and the groundworks contract for the permanent FCC including pile cap foundations, drainage diversion and new installation, ground floor slabs, road and footpath reconstruction and street furniture.

Scudder Demolition was contracted to perform the demolition of the full building. Due to logistical issues, it was necessary to plan careful phasing of the works, with Careys Civil Engineering and Scudder working together to ensure the smooth running of the demolition and that each contractor could carry out their work and access their respective working areas without disruption to the airport or project works.

Following this, the Careys team undertook excavation and disposal of the ground floor slab prior to diverting the live drainage and installation of the new drainage.

The demolition and construction site was surrounded and connected to existing facilities on all sides, with additional challenges being presented by the constantly used passenger connection route from the temporary FCC and a main air-side road passing below the existing structure and through the works area. Our use of CGI and 4D digital modelling played a key role in demonstrating our commitment to ensuring absolute prevention of disruption to airport operations.

As several of the pile caps were located outside the main works area and inside the airside road, our team carried out works in limited possession periods during the night shift, enabling the road to return to operational use the following day.

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