Careys Civil Engineering worked alongside Careys Design Team and Scudder Demolition as principal contractor on this 2.3 acre, Central London project that entailed the demolition of the decommissioned Royal Mail head office, excavations, complex temporary works to the substructure, and the construction of two superstructures.

The site bordered Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, requiring careful logistical planning for movement of materials and access to the site, in addition to careful monitoring of noise and vibration levels due to the close proximity of neighbouring five-star hotels and a recording studio.

The first stage of this large-scale and complex project involved top-down demolition of an existing seven-storey Royal Mail building that required 45 tonne demolition excavators to be hoisted by crane onto different levels of the building. The entire building was deconstructed leaving just the external walls of a two-storey basement. Given the size and scale of the building, these walls were supported by in-situ reinforced concrete raking props as opposed to the more traditional steel props, which would have provided insufficient structural support.

Excavation works undertaken by Careys entailed the removal of 40,000m3 of material, and took place alongside enabling and piling works which were carried out ahead of the construction of the superstructures. The piles were approximately 40m deep and created the structure of the new basement. The eventual construction of the substructure and bringing the building back up to ground floor level required an enormous 25,000m3 of reinforced concrete, with construction of the superstructures requiring a further 15,700m3.

The superstructures themselves comprised of two multipurpose buildings, seven and nine storeys high, which provided office, residential and retail space for the client. Due to the Central London location just off Oxford Street, the area surrounding the site was extremely busy with shoppers and tourists, requiring our teams to undertake comprehensive noise and vibration monitoring to ensure that the impact and disruption to the local area was minimised to safe and appropriate levels.

Careys Design Team played a crucial role in enabling site operations, developing a bespoke gantry solution and undertaking swept path analysis and BIM Modelling to facilitate the logistical operations of the site teams.

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