Careys Civil Engineering was awarded various packages at Wick Community Campus in the north of Scotland to construct an entirely new high school, an adjoining primary school, and public amenities. We were responsible for delivering the earthworks, groundworks, drainage, and hard landscaping packages. Work began in October 2014 with a tight deadline to complete the initial car park works and set up of the long-term compound for the main contractor and subcontractors offices prior to the Christmas break. The team received recognition from the main contractor during this phase, praising the speed and quality of our work in extreme weather conditions.

Our scope entailed a bulk excavation including a topsoil strip and cut and fill exercise. We subsequently constructed the foundations including mass fill foundations, pad foundations, and strip foundations before laying the concrete slab and upper floor slabs. Finally, we delivered all of the hard landscaping works.

As part of the infrastructure of the site we installed storm and foul systems, and internal and external drainage; this section of the walls required two attenuation tanks and the laying of porous paving within the car park area. The infrastructure of the project also required us to install services and mains connections.  Other works included the erection of both internal and external walls that could accommodate a prefabricated swimming pool. We also undertook the screeding of precast units.

Based in the far north of Scotland, 100 miles from Inverness, this project has presented several logistical challenges. Throughout the works we have utilised locally sourced materials, plant, and labour. This reduced cost, saved time, was environmentally beneficial, and boosted the economy of local community.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we recycled rock excavated from the site and crushed it for reuse as capping and hardstanding areas. We have also stripped topsoil from the site and stored it for reuse. By adjusting the levels of a football pitch in the area, we were ultimately able to avoid removing any materials from site.

Wick Community Campus was also awarded gold at the Partnership Awards, an international awards ceremony, recognising it as one of the best educational developments in Europe.

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