Careys achieves 4,852m3 continuous concrete pour at One Nine Elms

This weekend at the One Nine Elms project in Vauxhall, London, Careys Civil Engineering successfully completed one of our largest continuous concrete pours ever – pouring 4,852m3. That’s equivalent to over 650 trucks of concrete. We also installed 1,400t of rebar reinforcement and 11,000 shear rails. Our meticulous planning and preparation enabled us to deliver this record-setting concrete pour, which trumped our previous, substantial continuous concrete pour of 4,500m3 – at Marchwood Power Station in 2007.

  • The Carey Group
  • Wednesday 20th March 2019

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Redefining Battersea

One Nine Elms – which consists of the rising 43-storey River Tower and 56-storey City Tower – will create over 730,000ft2 of residential space, 267,000ft2 of hotel accommodation and 1,000ft2 of retail outlets. We have been appointed by principal contractor, Multiplex, to construct the massive three-level basements of both buildings.

City Tower is due to become one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in Europe – transforming the Battersea skyline and showcasing stunning views of the capital.

Exemplary execution

We commenced the monumental pour – the first of two concrete pours for the foundation of both towers – at 22:00 GMT, on Friday 15th March. Conducting the pour at this time allowed us to minimise potential disruption within and around the nearby area.

We continuously poured over three days, with 70 operatives on site per shift facilitating the smooth and successful delivery of the immense task. Our supplier, London Concrete, has recognised this as their second largest pour, after the Shard in 2009 at 5,500m3. Since this huge pour reached its completion on Sunday 17th March, we were able to celebrate its success on St Patricks Day.

Carey Group founders, Tom and Pat Carey visited the project on Sunday, where they celebrated this momentous achievement and congratulated the team on its exceptional planning and delivery. This concrete pour offers yet another example of just how far the Group has grown since 1969. Over the past 50 years, our commitment to excellence has helped to produce numerous attainments like the concrete pour at One Nine Elms. Looking ahead, our focus on the highest standards will continue to set the tone, as we head into the future. #Celebrating50YearsofExellence.

For more information on Careys Civil Engineering’s scope of works at One Nine Elms, please click here.

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