One Nine Elms

One Nine Elms

The Careys team was responsible for the successful delivery of all substructure works – including the three-level basements – for the development’s 43-storey Riverside Tower and 58-storey City Tower. This includes excavation, reinforced concrete works, drainage, piling attendance, and the repair of a Thames Water low level-one sewer.





Principal Contractor


Despite the repair of the Thames Water sewer not falling under our original scope of works we managed these works successfully and created an innovative solution to quite a complex situation - which was exacerbated by the restrictions that Thames Water placed on works near to their assets. Careys is well versed in engaging with stakeholders and we managed this communication well.

For the construction of the basement our team used a traditional top-down excavation method, with telescopic, vertical-reach excavators working via mole holes in the high-level slab to remove the spoil. Smaller machines and dumpers were used on the lower levels to bring the spoil to the bottom of the mole hole for subsequent removal. The mole hole positions were selected to give maximum flexibility to the excavation operations and to fit in with the general site logistics. Minimal impact to follow-on trades was a factor in selecting the position, in conjunction with the client’s input.

Successfully completing one of our largest continuous concrete pours ever

We achieved several milestones at One Nine Elms. Amongst the most impressive of these was our successful completion of two massive continuous concrete pours – one of 4,852m3, equivalent to over 650 trucks of concrete, poured over three days, and one of 3,997.5m3, equivalent to 533 trucks of concrete, poured over 26.5 consecutive hours. Our team also installed 1,400 tonnes of rebar reinforcement and 11,000 shear rails.

Both of these record breaking huge pours called for the use of four concrete pumps and required exceptional levels of planning and delivery.

1,000 ton mobile crane deployed to install two huge transfer beams

Other notable milestones achieved include the successful installation of two massive transfer beams – with transfer beam one weighing 62 tonnes and transfer beam two weighting 74 tonnes. We needed to secure a permit from Transport for London and the local council to close the surrounding roads in order to allow for the siting of a specialist 1,000-tonne mobile crane on Wandsworth Road.

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