Anderson high school

Anderson High School

Careys completed construction of the substructure and superstructure of a new school and student accommodation in the remote location of Lerwick, Shetland. Our work represented a developmental landmark for the Shetland Islands, being both the first concrete frame to be constructed on the island, as well as the first use of a tower crane.


Hub North Scotland


Lerwick, Shetland

Principal Contractor

Morrison Construction

Our work began with construction of the new substructure under the student residence including a mass fill to the underside of the foundations, construction of the foundations, ground beams and a new retaining wall, as well as the installation of all drainage. For the superstructure of the school itself we installed in-situ columns, a concrete core, reinforced concrete slabs, and upstands.

Our project team faced exceptionally poor weather conditions, including winds of over 90mph and temperatures below freezing for extended periods. To overcome this, we undertook extensive pre-construction planning to ensure an effective methodology was put in place to mitigate the challenges of working in these conditions. Ten years of historic weather data was analysed and factored into the programme and combined with the establishment of effective shift schedules to protect our team’s welfare and optimise effectiveness of works. Lifting was also tightly controlled to minimise any health and safety risks.

Our successful planning ensured the project was completed eight weeks ahead of programme. As part of this, we worked closely with our client and local stakeholders before commencing works to source accommodation, and the transportation of materials was made by specialist shipping contractors.

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