Construction of complex basements, substructures and concrete superstructures

Delivering the UK's most complex basements and substructures and building exceptional superstructures

At Careys we’ve delivered bespoke solutions for our clients, overcoming numerous challenges on an array of complex basements and substructures.

At One Nine Elms, we constructed the massive three-level basements completing one of our largest continuous concrete pours ever – pouring 4,852m3 over a 36 hour period (the equivalent to over 650 trucks of concrete).

Whilst other notable projects include the five-storey basement at Audley Square Redevelopment, the mammoth four-storey basement at St Giles Circus and sinking a vertical shaft using a slipform system to a depth of 120m below ground at the UK’s first mining project in three decades.


Recognised throughout the construction industry for our close attention to detail, we have successfully delivered an array of exceptional superstructures across the UK.

These include high rise buildings, set in the midst of busy, fast-paced cities such as London’s 50 storey Principal Tower and the 62 storey skyscraper at 22 Bishopsgate

the two-tower Atlantic Square commercial development in the heart of Glasgow’s International Financial Services District, the RIBA Stirling Prize winning Macallan Distillery and Visitor Centre and many Energy From Waste facilities, including those at Ferrybridgeand Millerhill.

Careys have become a trusted collaborator and delivery partner of AKT II. We have great respect for them, with whom we have realised some of our most challenging projects in London. These required a level of collaboration, shared purpose, precision and technical capability uncommon within our industry, but these characteristics we found repeatedly in our joint endeavours.

Design DirectorAKT II


When we create substructures, we not only utilise conventional bottom-up methodologies, but we also use more cutting-edge top-down methods. These make it possible to construct the superstructure at the same time as the basement and excavation works are being delivered, as witnessed at Marble Arch Place where the topping out of the residential structure and completion of the basement were delivered within mere weeks of each other.

To achieve the excellent standards we demand of ourselves and promise to our clients, we are pioneers in using the latest construction techniques and employ robust health and safety protocols on all our projects. For example, at 22 Bishopsgate, we used a jump form rig - the first of its kind to be used in the UK - enabling us to more efficiently, quickly and safely construct the two concrete cores.

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