Battersea Power Station

During pre-construction planning, our n-house design team developed a detailed logistics plan to overcome the constraints of the crowded site. As all access to the power station required movement through our section of the site, we diverted vehicle access to the north, enabling access to the structure through a bespoke gantry constructed over our work zone.


Battersea Power Station Development Company



Principal Contractor


Construction Method Simulation:
Beginning at tender stage, our Digital Engineering team provided the necessary support for our work winning team to win the contract. Once work began on site, our team developed 3D and 4D models in advance of each key stage of the project, enabling the site team to make changes to the programme and unlock new efficiencies.

Building Information Modelling:
In addition to Construction Method Simulation and 4D modelling services, our design team also provided the required Building Information Modelling support in line with the project BEP managed by Skanska/MACE. This included concrete substructure modelling, temporary works and drainage as-built models along with the project specific Data Asset Tags.

CGI Method Statements:
Our in-house design team also provided a dedicated Digital Engineering specialist to help create pictorial method statements for all major works. This allows the site team to communicate the tasks more efficiently removing any ambiguity.

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