Grousemount Wind Farm

Grousemount Wind Farm

On the Grousemount Wind farm project we are responsible for constructing 38 wind turbines, building approximately 26km of access roads and installing Ireland’s longest 110-kilovolt underground grid connection – which will link the 120-megawatt Grousemount facility to the Ballyvouskill 200-kilovolt substation.




Sillahertane, County Kerry

Principal Contractor


This is the latest addition to our substantial portfolio of energy projects, which includes some of the largest windfarms in Ireland, such as those at Mount Lucas and Bruckana.

Installing the longest 110-kilovolt underground grid connection in Ireland

The location of the wind farm is so remote, with rugged terrain and often extreme weather, that in order to begin the construction, major infrastructure works were required – such as building several bridges and roads – just to get the machinery and concrete wagons to the turbine positions.

The site covers 1,465 hectares and includes approximately 1,000,000m3 of cut and fill earthworks. We were contracted to construct 26km of service road for the turbines including foundations and crane hardstanding’s, stream crossings, concrete culverts and drainage works.

Additionally, we are delivering the construction of four meteorological masts, including their foundations and the installation of approximately 35km of a 20kV cable circuit within the wind farm.

Our scope also comprises: five permanent RC bridge structures, a temporary bridge over Sullane River at Ballyvourney, public road modifications including clearance and tree felling along access route and bridge upgrade works at Ballyfinane Bridge.

The project comprises the Grousemount Wind Farm itself, Coomataggart 110 kV Substation – which is located within the wind farm site, and an underground cable connection (the largest ever National Grid connection in Ireland) from the Substation to ESB Networks’ Ballvouskill Substation near Millstreet, County Cork. The turbines have maximum overall dimension of 126 metres, and generate up to 114 MW of renewable electricity.

Exemplary health and safety record

We are extremely proud of our exemplary health and safety record on the Grousemount Wind Farm project. This includes achievements,

  • Amassing 300,000 manhours without a lost-time injury on the wind farm site
  • Recording over 115,000 safe manhours without a lost-time injury on the 30km Ballyvouskill to Coomataggart trenching and ducting part of the project
  • Holding a site-wide gathering to focus on and reinforce our safety measures and reward and recognise those team members who adhere to them

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