Jaguar careys

Jaguar Land Rover, Gaydon

Careys was appointed as principal contractor for this development which consisted of a new two storey modular commercial office and catering facility for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) staff with associated staff parking.


Jaguar Land Rover



Principal Contractor


Careys’ role included coordinating the overall build programme and the construction of the car park and associated services for the main building. Designed to accommodate up to 500 staff vehicles, the car park covered a 5-acre footprint.

The construction of the press base involved the installation of 300 piles, the excavation of 1,500m3 of earth, fixing of 120t reinforcement and pouring of 400m3 of concrete. There were many crane lifts of plant and materials in and out of the basement, the heaviest being the piling rig at 42t.

The building foundation works required Careys to construct 150 two stage concrete plinths, which were set into the ground to form the building foundation. A BodPave 40 interlocking paving grid was then laid on top of the subbase to provide the surface for the parking spaces. Tarmac access roads were then laid around the building and car park followed by new kerbs and road markings.

Installation of the new services and infrastructure included a new pump station, 750m of pipe work and over 800m of electric HV, BMS and DATA CCTV cables.

To ensure adequate drainage, French drains and attenuation tanks were installed below ground. To complete the finishing, landscaping works were carried out which involved seeding and new turf. This site has restricted access with a single entrance and exit, so careful planning was required around the movement of the crane. Especially given that the car park and office building were being installed in parallel.

Following the completion of phase one of this development, Careys were awarded a second phase of works which involves cutting thought the exiting bund layer, which divides the JLR and Heritage Motor Centre sites, and constructing a new access road between the two. This new road package also includes the installation of a sliding security gate and pedestrian turnstile.

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