One Nine Elms

One Nine Elms

As part of the larger project to redevelop the Nine Elms area of London, our design team was presented with the client's design for a new basement at the site and was faced with a common design issue – how to install heavy temporary works within a confined basement and enable the simultaneous construction of the basement and superstructure.





Principal Contractor


One Nine Elms consists of two mixed-use skyscrapers which are designed to replace two towers on the site built in the 1970s called Market Towers. In addition to residential apartments, the development will include a luxury hotel. Upon completion, One Nine Elms will become one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in London.

A key challenge presented by the project involved the presence of a Victorian sewer pipe, which ran across the length of the site. Upon consultation with Thames Water, the client had taken the decision to keep the sewer pipe in place, and therefore required a specialist to develop a construction methodology that would enable construction of the basement whilst protecting this asset.

Construction Method Simulation:
The construction sequence and logistics is the key factor for delivering this project safely and efficiently. To do this we are working closely with our site management team to build the project digitally in advance of the works taking place on site. This allows us to identify any potential issues and then remove them by adjusting the construction sequence.

CGI Method Statements:
Our Digital Engineers are supporting this project using their excellent construction knowledge and modelling skills by creating pictorial method statements that explain clearly how the works need to be carried out. This information is then handed over to our site team for approval and then communicated to our site team.

Crane Bases and Fixed Plant:
Our in-house design team were appointed to carry out the design of the five tower crane grillages. All the tower cranes were supported on plunge columns or plunge columns d-walls.

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