Runnymede College

Runnymede College

Careys was awarded a package of soft strip, facade retention and deconstruction works to provide an integrated solution for the redevelopment project at the former Runnymede Campus of Brunel University.





Principal Contractor

Balfour Beatty

The project required us to overcome the time constraints of a six-week ecological licence. To do this, the team used mobile elevated working platforms to enable the rapid removal of roof tiles. We then performed a complete soft strip of Presidents Hall and demolished the entirety of College Hall, except for two turrets and the clock tower. Additionally, we soft stripped Pillar Hall, the most recent addition to the site, whilst retaining the external façade for use in the future structure.

After the substructure and superstructure works, site wide infrastructure and a series of access Pillar Hall were completed, we installed drainage and ground beams as foundations for a new two-storey frame, in addition to underpinning 60% of the structure. We also delivered hard landscaping to complete our works on the project.

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