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South Clyde Energy Centre

Construction of a new state of the art Energy Centre. This facility will house the usual components such as a Waste Bunker, Boiler Hall, Tipping Hall, FGT & Stack.


AFRY Solutions UK Ltd, on behalf of Fortum and Green Investment Group (GIG)



Principal Contractor

Hitachi Zosen Inova

The South Clyde Energy Centre is being built with state-of-the-art technology. The plant generates energy by using non-recyclable waste as fuel. The combustion process and flue gas cleaning technology is designed to remove harmful emissions to the highest internationally accepted standards. The potential to add carbon capture technology in the future would allow carbon dioxide to be captured and stored or turned into new materials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to close to zero.

Careys scope of works is to deliver the RC works including deep foundations and pile caps up to 2m deep. RC slabs and vertical elements including 3x slipform cores reaching heights of 43 & 48m plus the Waste Bunker which covers a large area. Also included within our scope is the delivery of 2x Jump Form cores and various super structure RC walls.

The infrastructure scope includes the installation of a new drainage network spanning 4,000 linear meters and a ducting network spanning over 15,000 metres and hard landscaping which includes concrete road, asphalt surfacing, kerbing, typical road construction, the creation of a new SUDs retention pond, the installation of a fireman plus the install of a new Earthing and Lighting protection system.

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