W06 Wembley Park

W06 Wembley Park is made up of two buildings, one residential and the other is a commercial space.


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Our scope of works commenced with the enabling package in May 2016 which involved the re-alignment of the existing Premier Way West Road which ran within the plots boundary along with the installation of associated infrastructure namely district heating, ENVAC, drainage and utilities. Followed by bulk excavation, pile mat installation, and pile attendance. On successful completion of these works we were awarded a further package to construct a reinforced concrete frame to both structures, including two cores which we used the slip-form method to construct. We have now also secured the hard-landscaping package which will commence in March 2019.

Our works form a small part of Quintain’s 85-acre Wembley Park redevelopment scheme. This new area to Wembley will include 7,000 new homes, a seven-acre park and the generation of over 8,000 new jobs, plus those that were created during the construction phase. The W06 project is a mixed[1]use development that comprises a 150,000 sq. ft office and an apartment building with 274 flats, with a courtyard between the buildings. The buildings are each 40cm tall - this has been dictated by planning permission - however, due to the different floor-to-floor used in each block the offices stand at nine-storeys and the apartment building is 11-storeys. Both buildings utilise the site-wide management system Envac and are linked to the Wembley Park district heating system.

In order to install the proposed ENVAC pipework system across the Spanish steps it was decided to excavate the trench in form of a timber heading, as opposed to an open cut excavation. This was in order to minimise the general disruption of the works especially in event days (this section of the works were outside the site boundary and in the public domain in close proximity to the stadium, area and LDO). To remove the risk of encountering live services as the area was heavily congested with the same. The heading was four-meters deep and 40-meters long and it was successfully completed in May 2018.

Some of the land and concrete that we were working on was contaminated, to counter the risks we placed all ground workers that were involved in excavation works on asbestos awareness training. In addition, we carried out air monitoring and appropriate safety measures were put in place prior to removal. As we worked in live environments, near busy roads and major events venues we ensured that all of our operatives working on the public highways had street works training and that appropriate traffic management was put in place. This meant we caused minimal disruption to the local community throughout the duration of our works.

Our most famous project is Wembley Park, covering approximately 85-acres of land around the UK’s largest national stadium in North West London. To date we have completed more than 1,000 homes and mixed use development at Wembley, including London’s first outlet centre which now attracts 7 million visitors a year

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