Scudder Demolition is principal contractor for the project to demolish and remediate the former Ford Dagenham Stamping and Tooling Operations plant.

The vast project has a demolition boundary of approximately 20 hectares, and saw the complimentary services of Carey Group Companies ION Environmental, Seneca Resource Recovery and Careys Design Team combine to successfully deliver works.

The site was characterised by the sheer volume of buildings and depth of basements present across the site. The project required the use of monitoring wells and several trial pits to detect possible underground contamination, followed by complete demolition of the facility, including the removal of floor slabs, foundations and basements, and full site remediation.

Due to the proximity of the River Thames, the site is being raised two metres above the initial levels with 500,000m2 of engineered fill. Careys Design Team delivered the design of temporary works within the existing basements, with Scudder’s demolition methodology focussing on overcoming the unusually high-water table (only 1.8 metres below ground level).

Sister company Seneca is coordinating the recovery of approximately 10,000 tonnes of ferrous scrap and 312,000 tonnes of concrete which will be recycled to achieve a 98% recycle rate of recovered materials.


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