Scudder has been working on behalf of Westfield Europe Ltd to deliver the breakthrough of the existing Westfield Shopping Centre into the new development as part of the expansion of the shopping centre which will add 740,000 sq ft of high-quality retail.

The scope of works entailed creating the breakthrough from the existing shopping centre to the new, removal of RC stairs and core as well as the steels and landings. As a part of the works soft stripping was included as well as wall demolition and service removal. These works are taking place over a 31-week program.

Working within the live shopping centre has imposed many constraints particularly as the works are taking place beneath the live cinema which has meant limited access and time restraints as breaking out is restricted to the hours of 11pm – 10am. Planning and liaison with Westfield has also allowed Scudders to maintain the live service within the shopping centre.

Scudder established several mitigation measures to ensure disruption was minimised by employing a Logistics Manager to oversee the constraints that have been imposed, these being time restraints, restricted working and limited time slots for skips. Other mitigating measures included a change in sequence to enable other contractor’s areas of works making sure the program wasn’t delayed. To ensure avoiding delay of the program the team have successfully installed suspended crash decks to 2 levels concurrently, allowing other trades to work below Scudder.

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