Careys Civil Engineering has been awarded multiple packages at the Principal Place residential scheme in Shoreditch, London. Our works involve the construction of several buildings, including the 50-storey Principal Tower, as well as the basement which ranges between two and four levels across the site. We have already delivered the groundworks, enabling works and piling attendance and several stories of the concrete frame have been completed.

Principal Place is situated in Shoreditch, London and bounds operational Network Rail assets. We are delivering the sub and superstructure package. The basement ranges between two and four levels across the site and is being constructed “Top-Down” as well as “Blue-Sky”. The top-down element releases a 50-storey tower containing high-end residential apartments.

The vertical elements of the structure are being formed utilising a bespoke jumpform system, enabling the columns to be jumped together with the main core. This removes this element of works from the floor cycle and leads to a time saving of ten weeks across the programme. The post-tensioned slabs will be formed below the jump system, within a perimeter protection screen. The project also comprises two, low-rise structures (13 and 5 storeys) for affordable housing.

Due to the tight site footprint, Careys Design Team (CDT) developed a hybrid basement solution; part top-down and part open-cut construction. CDT used 3D modelling to demonstrate how our methodology, combined with the use of our telescopic clamshell excavators, could allow us to overcome the site’s logistical complexities. In devising the programme, the Design Team developed a complex temporary works scheme to strengthen the load capacity of areas that had been weakened by numerous Victorian tunnels and bridge abutments.

During delivery of the works, multiple challenges have been presented, including the installation of a crane base close to TFL assets and the incorporation of permanent works columns into the foundation. Multiple visits by the client have resulted in excellent feedback on the quality and standards of safety encountered throughout the site - especially on the jumpform rig itself.

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