Careys Design Team (CDT) were appointed at tender stage to develop the strategy for the construction of the 50-storey Principal Place tower and 4-storey basement. CDT developed a hybrid basement solution using top-down near sensitive assess and to accommodate logistics, and bottom-up basement over the remainder of the site.

Construction Method Simulation:
CDT developed a 3D model at discreate stages of construction and carefully positioned equipment and developed logistics that would to overcome the constraints of the site.  A 4D model was then produced to illustrate the proposed build sequence.

CGI’s Based RAMS and Safe System of Works:

All vertical elements of Principal Tower are being constructed using an innovative, self-erecting jump form system, the first of its kind to be used in the UK. The structural columns are being cast within the core jump form, removing this element of works from the floor cycle and leading to a time saving of ten weeks compared to the use of more traditional techniques. CDT were appointed as the Rig Architect involved with the ergonomics, operations and process design.  The rig was fully modelled and animated during the design process, and then developed further into animated and pictorial method statements

Crane Structures & Fixed Plant:

CDT were appointed to design the piled Crane bases and the hoist propping. 

Virtual Reality:
Careys Design Team worked alongside Careys Civil Engineering at pre-contract stage to develop a strategy that enables the use of a bespoke jump-form system which is used for the first time in Europe. To enable us to understand the logistics on the rig and how this will be operated we decided to use VR technology. This allowed us ‘see’ the system before it was built and make the changes required to ensure its safety and efficiency.

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