Keadby 2 Power Station

Keadby 2 Power Station

Careys were appointed specialist subcontractor at Keadby 2 Power Station in Lincolnshire where our team were responsible for the delivery of numerous works packages that included earthworks, the construction of numerous complex substructures and landscaping.




North Lincolnshire

Principal Contractor


SSE announced that it would be reopening the 735MW Keadby Power Station in North Lincolnshire, in response to the coal-to-gas shift which was already taking place across the electricity market. Subsequently, SSE announced that the new power station that it planned to construct –Keadby 2 – would be the first of its kind in the UK.

This combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) facility will take advantage of innovative, highly efficient gas-fired generation technology in order to become the UK’s most efficient power facility to date. Once in operation, the new power station will be able to generate up to 840MW of electricity.

Keadby 2 facilitates a further shift towards the integration of sustainable renewable technologies into the power grid

On this crucial energy project, we are responsible for the delivery of a comprehensive package of enabling, infrastructure, superstructure and hard landscaping works. These include us carrying out:

• Dewatering

• Ring road works

• Earthworks totalling 50,000m3

• Construction of six cooling tower structures

• Installation of a coffer dam and backfilling

• Concrete works for the gas turbine

• Concrete works for the steam turbine

• Ground slab works

• Culvert outlet chamber works

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