Secklow Gate

Careys delivered a four block residential scheme, comprising demolition, enabling, basement and superstructure words for Galliford Try


Abbeygate Developments LLP


Milton Keynes

Principal Contractor

Galliford Try

Located in Avebury Boulevard in central Milton Keynes opposite the well known Xscape building, Galliford Try is delivering the new Secklow Gate residential development. It will provide 329 private rental sector apartments across four structures, with a basement under a large proportion of the site. In addition, a central courtyard will provide a commercial space spanning 12,700m2, with flexible parking to suit requirements.

The completed scheme adds to Careys long-standing track record in Milton Keynes, where we have delivered over 100 projects, starting with our very first works as a company in 1969.

From the tender phase onwards, engineering excellence and the detailed consideration of a wide range of factors has been the focus, together with thorough planning. A multi-disciplinary team of preconstruction, operational and design experts has developed a logical and efficient scheme, working closely with the client team towards the optimal construction solution.

The specialist scope of work includes:

  • Demolition
  • Enabling works
  • Piling attendance
  • Retaining walls

Four story apartment blocks, as follows:

- A1-11 storey

- A2-9 storey

- B1-7 storey

- B2-3 storey

The scheme has required extensive temporary works including:

  • Cores
  • Stair cores
  • Columns, including double height circular columns
  • Floor formwork
  • Placing boom assessment
  • Back-propping assessment
  • Thermo-couplers
  • Contideck loading platforms


A key challenge has been the complex detail between the basement retaining wall and CFA pilling, necessitating detailed coordination with the pilling contractor in the early stages.

The site is located on the plot of the dialect former garden centre and is surrounded by residential properties, vehicle parking and a pub/restaurant. Close engagement with the principle contractor has taken place to develop logistics strategies that minimise impact to these neighbours while maintaining an accessible and safe site.


The use of lightweight modular slab formwork has reduced the need to use the tower crane on site. A Topmax panel system was used for the ground floor, providing a benefit to both project logistics and programme. In addition, its edge protection was designed into the panel system, thus avoiding the requirement for separate installations on each level, as it can be unfolded into position. Topec was used for the substructure works.

The floorplate and core arrangement has been designed to optimise programme speed as geometry and size of the cores allows some of the formwork to be quickly struck and moved to the next core.

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