Telehouse 2

Telehouse 2

As part of Telehouse’s planned move to its Docklands campus, at the time reputed to be Europe’s most advanced data centre, Careys worked on various different phases of the campus and were responsible for providing the substructure and infrastructure, as well as the concrete floors of the steel frame.


Telehouse Europe



Principal Contractor


On this project, we carried out foundation and enabling works, installed piling, drainage and services, and poured the concrete slabs. We also carried out the installation of the lift shafts. In order to ensure the smooth and successful delivery of our works on this complex project, we established and maintained a system of close and interactive communication with other trades, particularly the steel frame contactors.

This project presented a number of challenges due to its unique design complexities. Yet, we were able to overcome any obstacles that arose by adopting an agile and flexible approach. For example, in response to the client’s request to extend the pile caps, we were able to quickly and efficiently adapt our approach and establish workable solutions, such as conducting crushing and steel remodelling operations on site. Keeping open and clear channels of communication was a vital part of this process, as it enabled us to avoid any delays by staying on top of changing conditions and rapidly make any necessary adjustments to our strategy.

We also needed to find a solution to the site’s limited access – with only one entrance for the entire project, which was located on the opposite side to our work area. To overcome this less than ideal situation, we used our customarily thorough planning process to set up a system which involved the regular and close communication with other subcontractors on site and the careful sequencing of our works. These procedures functioned optimally, allowing us to prevent site congestion, which substantially reduced delays.

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