Viking Link Interconnector

Careys is delivering substructure, superstructures drainage and ducting and hard landscaping works at the Viking Link, the world’s longest interconnector - an electrical link between the Lincolnshire, UK and Jutland, Denmark, which, at 765km long, is currently the longest in the world.


Siemens Energy Ltd



Principal Contractor


The project is a partnership between the UK’s National Grid and Denmark’s Energienet and will enable energy to be exchanged between the two countries. Energy that is surplus to requirements will be easily transmitted through the interconnector to where the level of demand is higher. This will support the renewable energy markets in both countries, reduce the need to curtail generation during peaks in production and have a beneficial impact on market prices, reducing surplus energy in high wind-production periods, providing access to lower energy prices for UK consumers.

A significant step in the UK journey towards net zero carbon, Viking Link will help the UK Government meet its carbon reduction commitments by providing access to a well-developed, low-cost renewable energy market. numerous benefits which include: the exchange of electricity between nations.

To deliver this remote project, we have tailored our approach to revolve around strategic pre-construction resource planning, which ensures efficient allocation of resources for project success. We understand the importance of placing a strong emphasis on integration from our experience at Viking Link, which we have used to foster collaboration by blending our core team members with the local workforce, promoting an exchange of skills and knowledge. In addition, we have proactively established a robust local supply network, stimulating project sustainability while bolstering the community. We have undertaken training and related activities to up-skill and empower local skilled workers, contributing to the long-term growth and prosperity of the locality surrounding Viking Link.

During the tender stage of the project, our team incorporated design analysis to enhance project efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, we implemented value engineering strategies, which included optimising the design for slip-form Viking Link Interconnector Case Study construction. This design change streamlined the construction process as well as ensuring that project timelines were met, demonstrating our commitment to delivering projects on schedule and within budget while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Our full scope of works during our 52 project programme includes:
- Drainage: 3,000 linear meters
- Ducting:15,000 linear meters
- Sub-structure foundations
- Superstructure; three buildings - two Slipform and one precast
- Earthing installation
- Asphalt works, including car park
- Hard and soft landscaping
- Internal fit out works, excluding M&E Packages

Once complete, Viking Link will provide numerous benefits which include: the exchange of electricity between nations, the reduction of surplus energy in high wind production periods, access to lower energy prices for UK consumers, UK access to “Nord Pool”, assists the UK Government with achieving its “Net Zero” goal and provides a cleaner energy strategy and system.

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