As a leading civil engineering partner, we understand that our client’s infrastructure and investment projects need operational certainty to meet the requirements of this highly regulated and complex market

Our dedicated teams have vast experience in delivering complex energy projects throughout the UK. These include the UK's most efficient power plant in Keadby - a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) facility, Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities at Ferrybridge and Millerhill and works at Sellafield Nuclear Power Station. We’ve also delivered projects at some of the largest, most remote windfarms in Ireland, including those at Grousemount, Mount Lucas and Bruckana.

More recently we've started work at Viking Link, the world’s longest electricity interconnector - spanning 765km from Jutland, Denmark, to Boston, Lincolnshire, enabling energy to be exchanged between the two countries. The interconnector will enable the more effective use of renewable energy, access to sustainable electricity generation and improved security of electricity supplies.

Director Civil Management

We have worked with Careys on several UK based projects and have been extremely impressed with their performance, safety culture and professionalism throughout each contract. Of particular note are their pre-construction and works planning associated with highly complex and time-critical civil works within a larger programme. Consequently, we consider Careys to be a leading UK civil contractor who have the ability and drive to successfully deliver.

Director Civil ManagementHitachi Zosen Inova

We help clients determine the optimal construction methods, sequences and design features to meet their needs for power plants and renewable energy facilities.

By keeping a focus on safety and innovation, we're able to provide the most effective and socially responsible solutions to the world's changing energy needs.

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