Careys Civil Engineering has specialised in successfully delivering bespoke construction solutions for civil engineering projects across the UK and Ireland, for more than 50 years.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to carrying out all elements of our works to the highest health, safety and quality levels in the industry. Whether acting as a main contractor or a subcontractor on our projects, we always insist on carrying out each and every one of our responsibilities as safely, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Our extensive track record demonstrates why – over the past five decades – we have developed a reputation for reliably and consistently completing civil engineering projects that are on-time, on- budget, safe and of a uniformly high standard.

Our civil engineering services include:

We specialise in delivering bespoke construction solutions for clients across various sectors, including:

  • Arts and leisure
  • Aviation
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Residential

Enabling and Infrastructure

Our wide-spectrum project portfolio highlights our breadth and depth of expertise and experience in successfully delivering an impressive variety of enabling and infrastructure civil engineering projects, whilst also overcoming challenges and delivering bespoke solutions for our clients. For example:

  • At Berewood our team installed a new road bridge to provide access to a local school - the bridge spanned 53ft over the river and at the time of construction was the world’s longest FlexiArch bridge.
  • Our project at Elephant & Castle entailed the installation of all major infrastructure for the development including HV/LV cables, BT, landlord communications, district heating (both primary and secondary mains), watermains, boosted cold water and a drainage system, all managed by our highly experienced utilities manager.
  • At Selly Oak our works entailed excavating vast quantities of earth; we moved 800,000m3, of which we remediated approximately 400,000m3. We also rerouted a 600m intermediate pressure gas main, a 500m underground 11kVA cable, a pylon tower, 500m of 132kVA overhead cable (relocated underground) and 250m of storm drainage.
  • Whilst our numerous packages of works at Edinburgh Airport were undertaken in a live operational environment including both landside and airside works.
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Basements and Substructures

Our extensive portfolio of projects showcase our expertise, experience and proven ability to successfully deliver a wide range of high-quality basement and substructure projects across the UK, and includes:

Unparalleled Experience

We’ve accumulated vast experience of delivering some of the country’s most complex basements in difficult conditions, delivering bespoke solutions for our clients and overcoming numerous challenges, for example:

  • Our works on the five-story basement at the British Museum required works on the Grade 1 listed building to be completed to a zero-damage classification.
  • At Battersea Power Station, we used 500 tonne river barges to remove 80% of the 152,000m3 of excavated material, reducing our reliance on road access for vehicles and saving approximately one hundred lorry movements a day.
  • The 12m deep secant piled basement at Merchant Square was constructed over the London Underground Bakerloo Line where the southern element of the basement was only 500mm for the fragile, 100-year old brick wall of the Paddington Canal. To safeguard these elements, our team undertook regular planning and liaison meetings with Transport for London and British Waterways.

When we create substructures, we not only utilise conventional bottom-up methodologies, but we also use more cutting-edge top-down methods. These make it possible to construct the superstructure at the same time as the basement and excavation works are being delivered, as witnessed at Marble Arch Place where the topping out of the residential structure and completion of the basement were delivered within mere weeks of each other.

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Hard and Soft Landscaping

Our highly experienced teams transform outdoor spaces by bringing to life creative landscape architecture designs supplied by our clients, which include principal contractors and developers.

As with all that we do at Careys, we are committed to delivering the highest quality in every element of our landscaping works – including implementing even the most complex landscape designs and landscape architecture plans.

What sets Careys apart from the vast majority of commercial and creative landscaping provider is our attention to detail, meticulous planning processes, innovative approach and rigorous analysis of methods, which lets us learn what works and how to constantly improve. These characteristics allow us to consistently deliver the high level of excellence that we demand of ourselves on every phase of all our projects – from initial pre-construction designs through to completion.

Some prestigious and highly recognisable projects exemplify the quality of our hard and soft landscaping works. These include:

Our specialist landscaping capabilities

Careys Civil Engineering offers a wide selection of hard and soft landscaping services. These give us the ability to create many of the outdoor features that greatly upgrade developments, such as:

  • Bridges
  • Trees and tree pits
  • Pathways and paving
  • Flowerbeds and planters
  • Drainage
  • Steps
  • Seating
  • Fencing
  • Lighting
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At Careys Civil Engineering, we are known for building superstructures of the highest quality. In order to achieve the excellent standards, we demand of ourselves and promise to our clients, we use the latest construction techniques and employ robust health and safety protocols on all our projects.

At 22 Bishopsgate, we used a self-erecting jumpform system - the first of its kind to be used in the UK - to construct the two concrete cores. 22 Bishopsgate is a mixed-use development in London’s Financial District, which is the second tallest building in London at 278m tall, comprising 62 storeys, and with a floor space of 1.4 million feet. Overall the project required the pouring of 58,000m3 of concrete and the use of 7,500t of reinforcement, highlighting our expertise in the construction of complex high rise concrete structures.

From high rise buildings, set in the midst of busy, fast-paced cities, to sustainable energy from waste (EfW) facilities, located in more rural parts of the country – we’re proud to have delivered an impressive portfolio of superstructures over the past 50 years that we have been in business.

Recognised throughout the construction industry for our close attention to detail, we have successfully delivered an array of exceptional superstructures across the UK, including:

Our specialist services

We specialise in the installation of in-situ reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete and pre- cast concrete structures. We also are adept at providing exposed concrete finishes. Additionally, our wide range of services includes:

  • Substructure works
  • Foundations and capping beam installation
  • Groundworks
  • Utilities installation
  • Drainage works
  • Hazardous material remediation
  • Landscaping
  • Road and pathway construction
  • Site security
  • Logistical management
  • Site surveys
  • Utilities diversions
  • Heritage protection
  • Archaeology survey
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What makes us different

At Careys Civil Engineering, we strongly believe that how we deliver something is as important as what we deliver. Whether working on large scale residential developments or massive urban development projects, we continuously strive to meet the high standards we demand of ourselves and promise to our clients.

By continually investing in the latest technologies and training, we are consistently able to achieve sector-leading standards across the UK and Ireland.

We work collaboratively with principal contractors and developers to help facilitate the design and delivery of innovative basement projects. Our thorough, detailed pre-construction planning, as well as our wealth and breadth of experience, enable us to overcome the unique logistical challenges presented by working in constrained urban environments. Despite having to deal with issues such as proximity to national rail assets, closeness to residential or commercial neighbours and limited transportation access, the expertise of our team members has allowed us to deliver high-quality works safely, on-schedule and cost-effectively.

Design-led innovation

The experts at fellow Carey Group company, Careys Design Team, provide us with critical digital modelling, civil engineering and design support. They aid us in the creation of temporary work designs, external permanent works, and quality and cost estimates.

The innovative programmes and systems that Careys Design Team employ, enable our clients to benefit from in-depth, detailed visuals and information before, during and post-delivery of our works. Some of the state-of-the-art capabilities that Careys Design Team calls upon to contribute to the success of our projects include:

  • Construction process design
  • Construction method simulations
  • BIM modelling and data integration
  • Computer generated image (CGI) method statements
  • Ground modelling
  • Temporary works
  • Logistics planning
  • Virtual reality

Our in-house Plant & Fleet division

The Carey Group’s in-house Plant & Fleet division adds to our unique ability to deliver peak efficiency and cost-effectiveness on our projects. Careys Plant & Fleet maintains over 2,000 items of specialist equipment and machinery, including vacuum excavators, tower cranes and even our own bespoke, cutting-edge self– erecting jump-form system.

Our robust investment in the latest plant and equipment enhances Careys Civil Engineering’s capabilities and enables us to operate in ever more agile and responsive ways. This is vital, as projects continue to grow in complexity and pose more challenges.

Our commitment to health and safety

The health and wellbeing of our employees is paramount to us. That’s why, we have created our own, bespoke health and safety behavioural change programme – safe home every day or SHED. SHED allows us to demonstrate to all of our people the crucial importance of minimising risk and remaining vigilant on site and throughout all our work environments. Above all we are dedicated to making sure each of our team members go home safely every day.

Ultimately, we are dedicated to providing our people with the correct tools, knowledge and expertise that they need to do their jobs as safely as possible. To that end, we are continuously reviewing and refining how we approach and deliver our specialist works, looking for ways to stay safe and healthy as we continue to get better every day at what we do.

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