Construction Process Design

We develop construction method statements required for planning and acquiring listed building consents and party wall approvals. We produce method statements to obtain Approval in Principal (AIP’s) from London Underground, Network Rail or other statutory authorities where applicable. 

These method statements provide specific details of excavations, temporary works and construction techniques, including details of the potential impact of a development on any neighboring structures. We base this on the site’s characteristics and constraints, including the type of geology, logistical demands and interfaces with other activities.

Basement Excavations

Development in a dense urban environment, especially when undertaken close to vulnerable structures, is a significantly challenging engineering endeavor. Urban basement construction presents contractors with the significant potential risk of causing damage to neighboring structures and infrastructure if basement walls are incorrectly formed or supported. 

To ensure clients mitigate this risk we utilise our extensive engineering expertise to provide designs for top-down slabs, plunge columns, propping systems and embedded retaining walls ensuring safe and efficient construction of site basements and substructures.

Façade Retention and Structural Alterations

Façade retention is integral to the preservation of architectural character and history of structures undergoing redevelopment. The design of a façade retention scheme plays a crucial role in this preservation by ensuring buildability and structural support for some of the UK's most celebrated architectural buildings.

We deliver designs that maximise protection for a façade and develop detailed methodologies for undertaking works. Our façade retention designs coordinate with any retained or permanent structures as well as the wider site activities. This enables a rapid build of the retention structure as well as swift engagement of any demolition or construction work.

During the course of a building's lifecycle, ownership changes or lack of maintenance funding can necessitate a requirement for refurbishment and structural alteration works to be undertaken. We provide all temporary works designs for the structural alteration or demolition of existing buildings, enabling our clients to remedy unsatisfactory design elements, remedy material decay or dampness, undertake structural strengthening or material repairs.

Crane Structures and Fixed Plant

Our team is experienced in developing crane strategies to enable efficient logistics on site and continuous lifting operations in a range of environments. Our design experience spans all types of crane bases including steel grillages on plunge columns and crane ties.

Formwork and Falsework

Formwork design is where Careys Design Team began. With over 48 years’ in the civil engineering industry we understand concrete structures. Whether designing bespoke formwork for unique structures or providing the architecture and ergonomics for a complicated jumpform system, we have the experience and expertise to design the formwork needed to complete any project.

Vehicle Gantries

We design vehicle gantries and top-down slabs to facilitate logistics. We also analyse existing structures for vehicle loadings or applied point loads from mobile cranes or other plant.

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