Construction Method Simulations

Our state of the art construction simulations provides a virtual testing ground construction programme, key resources and logistics plans before works begin on site. Our simulations can be provided as a single 4D model, demonstrating the build sequence as a single flow of activity, or as a series of 3D models of key moments in that sequence. Our team can also provide virtual reality walkthrough models to our clients, enabling you to 'step into' a scale replica of the site.

BIM Modelling and Data Integration

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an increasingly in-demand industry process for creating and managing information on a construction project across the entire project lifecycle. 

The most important element of BIM is the information/data that is collated to form the model used by various stakeholders. Without this information, graphic representations of assets are little more than empty ‘containers’ that have little use in engineering terms. Therefore, when it comes to the BIM process we ensure exceptional levels of data quality by using market-leading capture, storage and modelling technologies, enabling our clients to have total certainty of programme constraints and solutions in addition to the range of options available on a project.

CGI Method Statements

Our team is experienced in providing detailed visual method statements for any specific tasks in any project. Whether it is a routine task that is done site-wide, or a more complex and intricate task, our clients have seen enormous benefit from using our visual method statements to improve understanding of methodologies. Our visual method statements provide an easy to understand demonstration of site tasks, eliminating language barriers and improving coordination and understanding by site teams.

Ground Modelling and Cut and Fill Analysis

Construction projects that require excavations or fill material to be imported often face significant additional cost or risk to the project from these tasks. By using the latest BIM technologies, Careys Design Team can identify and mitigate the risks from undertaking excavations and provide value engineering options to ensure our clients are presented with the most cost-effective and time-efficient methodologies.

Logistics Planning

Logistics is critical for every project creating significant cost increases if not planned correctly. Careys Design Team assist with logistics planning by undertaking 3D swept path analysis that considers every aspect of vehicle movement, surface conditions, headroom, driver's POV and a vehicle's handling capabilities.

Virtual Reality

As Building Information Modelling (BIM) becomes an increasingly prevalent technology in the construction industry, the volume of information available to various stakeholders is growing at an exponential rate. The challenge in the industry is now moving from visibility of that information to the understanding of it. 

Virtual reality represents a quantum leap in our industry being able to present vast quantities of information in an easy to understand format, rather than interrogating designs as a series of static drawings or images. 

Careys Design Team provide our clients with a virtual reality walk-through of their project to facilitate understanding and decision making during construction.

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